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La Cañada - Intro to Vedic Meditation 7PM

  • 4431 Woodleigh Lane La Cañada Flintridge, CA, 91011 United States (map)

Learn Vedic Meditation!

Intro Talk September 17th in La Cañada at 7PM

The Intro Talk is for anyone interested in learning more about meditation. The Intro Talk is FREE and there is no obligation or pressure to sign up. 

Vedic Meditation is a simple and powerful technique that ANYONE can do (even the most active minds). The practitioner is given a personal mantra - a specific, ancient, onomatopoetic sound without any meaning. When the meditator thinks the mantra effortlessly, the body and mind come to rest and the meditator dives deep within the mind and ultimately passes through the relative field of thinking into Being. Pure Awareness. The Source of all thought. This is transcendence (to go beyond) and its an experience that everyone should have and know how to do. This deep state is accompanied by deep rest and inner wakefulness. This is the time when the nervous system purges stresses from the physiology. Suffering diminishes and success and joy increase.

The best part? It's easy and enjoyable. Come, bring friends, and take an hour to learn something that could revolutionize your life. 

The course always runs four consecutive days. The time commitment is 90 minutes per day. Sessions are offered at various times to accommodate everyone.

Cost is based on a sliding scale to ensure this knowledge is available for all..

Intro: Thursday, September 17th. 7PM
4431 Woodleigh Ln. La Canada, CA 91011