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Intro To Vedic Meditation - San Diego (Del Mar)

Vedic Meditation with Théo Burkhardt

Go from beginner to expert in 4 days. Learn the simple technique of meditation, transcending, and the art of letting go. No matter how frantic or turbulent your mind, the four day course (four 90-minute sessions a day) will bring everything inside to rest. 

Vedic Meditation releases stress, expands consciousness, and increases our baseline happiness. Practitioners of Vedic Meditation never struggle to meditate. Instead, they find it easy and enjoyable with myriad benefits. Make your state of consciousness a priority. Come to one of the FREE, one-hour Intro Talk to hear more about this amazing, ancient technique that anyone can do.

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  • Intro Talk is free and open to EVERYONE (no obligation to sign up)
  • 4 day course begins the next day
  • Each session over the 4 days is 90 minutes
  • Cost is based on a sliding scale to ensure this knowledge is available for all