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Free Intro to Vedic Meditation -Saturday 11am

  • Free Intro to Vedic Meditation 4431 Woodligh Ln La Cañada CA 91011 (map)

If you want better sleep, more creativity, more awareness, deeper happiness, then its time to get a mantra. 

Vedic Meditation stills the overactive mind. If you're one of those people who wishes they could just stop thinking, then you're going to love this technique. It's way easier than you think. If you have insomnia, then you're going to start sleeping like a baby. Anxious or depressed? That's going bye-bye. Feel like you're not living in the moment because you're distracted by your own thoughts? That's all about to change. 

This ancient technique from India is true Yoga. Sanskrit (to yoke - Unify). What are we yoking to? Universal Consciousness. How? By using a sound (or mantra) to de-excite the mind and slip past deeper layers of thinking 'till we go beyond all thought and into Being. When we go beyond thought (transcendence) we enjoy profound rest while experiencing inner-wakefullness. Total awareness. This rest gives our bodies and minds a chance to purify by throwing off accumulated stresses. We come out refreshed, happy, energized and present. It's a total game changer and imperative for anyone who wants to lead a better, happier life. 

The talk is 1 hour and there's no obligation to sign up. Bring all your friends! Ask tons of questions! See what all those enlightened yogis of India were going on about! 

For more info, call or email me. 

La Canada is right up the 2 Freeway about 10 minutes away from Silver Lake.