Non-negotiable: Brushing your Teeth and Meditating.

When I was a kid, I HATED brushing my teeth. I just couldn't be bothered. I hated the taste of toothpaste, and I didn’t like the bristles on my gums. I didn’t know the consequences and I didn’t care. 

Now I brush it at least twice a day and never miss it. Why? Because when (if ever) I skip it, I'm self conscious of how my mouth feels or how my breath might smell. A penumbra of insecurity creeps into my consciousness. I’m not fit for public! Why? It’s socially unacceptable to leave the house without brushing my teeth. I know better. We all brush our teeth. When dedicated meditators don't meditate they have that same feeling a regular tooth-brusher gets when they skip a brushing. Meditators can feel the build-up of stress in the physiology. It feels socially irresponsible to leave the house without having washed our nervous systems of grief, irritability, paranoia, fear, and fatigue. It makes as much sense to bring that out into the world in social situations as it does to bring bad breath and tooth scum into social situations. There's already too many people who are taking that into the world and making other people adapt to their stresses. Don't make others have to adapt to you. They shouldn't have to to adapt to your fears and neediness. Meditate, wash your nervous system, mind, and soul, so you can go out into the world and totally shine. You’ll like being sharp. It’s fun to be aware and happy and relaxed. There’s nothing better than going out and not having to look for happiness in others. 

There was a time when no one brushed their teeth and now almost the whole world does it. There was a time when no one meditated. That's changing. A revolution of consciousness is taking place. Be a part of it. Get in on the ground floor and help usher in worldwide enlightenment. Learn to meditate. Joy awaits.