Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques

What is an Advanced Technique, what does it do, and why do I want it?

The advanced technique is an elaboration to the mantra and/or a slight change in the pronunciation. Meditators who have been practicing for at least a year are eligible. Once you have your mantra upgrade you may also increase your meditations to 30 minutes. Your mantra is a BIJA mantra, or seed mantra. If your mantra is like a seed,  imagine the upgrade like a sprout. Or, a seed in a progressive and very promising state of evolution. 

An upgrade to your mantra adjusts the experience of your meditation. It brings you right to the very edge of transcendence but holds you back from dropping into nothingness, keeping you in "RITAM".

Say what?

Ritam (The Sanskrit is Ritam Bhara Pragya) is the celestial layer between thinking and Transcendental Consciousness, or, BEING. It’s the stratum, or interface, between the mind and pure silent consciousness. It's the subtlest layer of thinking. 

Ritam is where all the goodies are. Totally enchanting, pure nectar for the mind. Ritam is the blissful threshold before we transcend our 5 senses - but in ritam we still have them! There’s still faint thinking - and, awareness of our thinking. That’s beneficial because in ritam we can still observe. We observe thoughts manifesting out of nothingness into our minds. This is the celestial. When we observe the celestial we begin to sharpen our brain’s ability to observe the celestial in the relative world as well. Celestial observation with eyes open during activity. Our minds start to get better at seeing the celestial on objects, in sounds, smells, taste, touch.

As we improve our celestial perception, we naturally awaken to the subtle shifts of Nature. Lively consciousness in Nature becomes a direct experience instead of a theory we've  heard and strain to perceive. The future-in-the-making is always unfolding in the present. When we are connected with Nature  we rely less and less on speculation. Speculation, no matter how intelligent we are, has an embarrassingly poor track record. We’re almost always wrong. But if we can pick up the subtle hints Nature is giving us we find our lives become more serendipitous, problems look more like opportunities, and we “go with the flow”, without resistance, and find a most welcoming and interesting path. One better than we could have conceived. 

In the 1969 Beatles song, "Across the Universe," John Lennon said, "Nothing's gonna change my world." He was cheekily referring to Trascendental Consciousness, and we know this because he gives us a clue in the lyric that follows: "Jai Guru Deva, Om," referring to our master Swami Brahmanada Saraswati. But I'm going to correct the lyrical master here and say that RITAM is going to change your world. Turn the seed into a sprout and watch everything grow. 

The mantra upgrade is a catalyst for the celestial. The celestial is the harbinger of God Consciousness.

If you’ve you’ve been meditating for a year and you're interested in getting your advanced technique, contact me and we’ll set up an time. Getting your 1st Mantra Upgrade involves fruits & flowers for Puja, a set course fee, and a couple of follow up sessions.  Contact Théo at