Why Meditate?

Because many of us find ourselves lost and depleted just trying to get happier, reach our goals, keep up. Most of us find that the demands, responsibilities, and distractions of life are so great that they absorb all of our resources, and the fun and satisfaction of life are lost in the mere maintenance of living.

When we meditate we dissolve stresses that distort our reality and our freedom to live spontaneously and without fear. The dissolution of these stresses creates more room for consciousness. In our culture, it's become an accepted habit to wait 'till 5pm to have fun. Or to wait for the weekend or that trip to rest and enjoy our life. We have the idea that once we get married or get that job or become rich we can finally stop worrying and start living. This is ignorance. When we meditate we reverse the model and instead of putting rest at the end of our to-do list, we put it at the beginning and bring the rest, happiness and consciousness into the field of action our to-do list sets for us. We don't wait to get happy. We start with happy. This is the formula for enjoying your life.