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Powerful and Easy. An Introduction to Vedic Meditation

  • Intro to Vedic Meditation (map)

So much is misunderstood about meditation. If people knew more they'd make it a part of their routine just like eating, sleeping, showering, and tooth brushing. Meditation is imperative because happiness and health are imperative. 

What I teach is powerful and easy and enjoyable. You don't have to change your beliefs, suffer through boredom, sit uncomfortably, or change anything about yourself at all. Vedic Meditation is wisdom from the Himalayas. We use onomatopoetic mantras that coax our attention inward through deeper layers of thinking. As we move inward we begin to enjoy deeper and deeper rest, releasing stresses and expanding consciousness. We arrive at our source, Being, and move past everything we know: thinking, identity, our senses. When we transcend we experience union. Universal consciousness. We come out of meditation refreshed, happy, brimming with creativity, calm, and ready for action. 

There are many kinds of yoga out there an they all have merit. Yoga means Union. So what is unified during meditation? Individual consciousness with Universal Consciousness. Little you meets Big You. I'm not interested in theories anymore. I'm not interested in wasting time. I'm interested in palpable experiences in Unification. I'm interested in everyone having this experience of Unity. No one should suffer for it. No one should waste a life trying to find it. It should be easy, powerful, memorable, and repeatable.  This is a great technique to go within, past your thoughts, senses, and identity and take a peek at the real you. The unbounded, divine, and infinite You.

Bring friend and come to an intro on Saturday, March 29th at 11am. The intro is an hour and I encourage everyone to ask questions. 

RSVP here or: / 917-703-1413