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Intro to Vedic Meditation - K-town

  • K-town Intro 3400 San Marino Street. LA, CA 90006 (map)

Vedic Meditation is an effortless and natural technique for busy people who lead busy lives. Vedic Meditation is easy to learn and doesn't require any beliefs, behavior or lifestyle changes.

Vedic Meditation effortlessly moves the attention from the conscious thinking level (where we spend most of our time worrying, planning and reviewing) to progressively more subtle and deeper layers of thinking until we transcend the subtlest thought activity and experience pure consciousness. Being. This is Unity. This is Yoga. 

Individual consciousness unifying with Universal Consciousness. 

In this state the individual mind is quiet yet awake to its own nature. It knows Itself. Profound rest, divine stillness, and inner wakefulness simultaneously. It's glorious. You should totally try it. 

When the mind settles and we're enjoying that deep rest, we release accumulated stresses, thereby revitalizing the entire nervous system. When we come out of meditation, we find are refreshed, more creative, and everything in life is in sync. 

Happiness and joy increase and we find that we stop putting happiness off till after work or the weekend or summer vacation. Happiness and rest is what we begin with every day when we meditate. 

For those who are interested in learning, the four day course begins Sunday and ends Wednesday and is at various times to accommodate everyone's schedule. The intro is FREE and there's no obligation to sign up for the course. Please feel free to bring whoever you want and ask any question you wish.

RSVP and email or call with any questions.